How does it work?

Finding Your Home Based on Commute Time

Finding your dream home is made easier by our novel search engine.
We all have our favourite spots, workplace, gym and much more. If you live with somebody else then they have their workplace and favourite spots too. We don't like commuting so we like to find a home that gives the best commute time to all of our favourite destinations.


Your regular commute destinations

Identify your regular commute destinations. e.g. work, gym, your partner's workplace, your kid's school, etc.


Type in your destinations and search

Insert the travel destinations into the SmartCommuter form one by one.


Find your ideal locations

Your results will be a table which has all the tube stations and the travel time or duration per each of your travel destinations (e.g. workplace). You will be able to filter and sort the result.


Find houses in your locations

(Coming soon) Once you see a location fit for purpose you can view houses to buy or rent. You can filter these properties normally or by distance from your travel locations.